Signing off

I’ve been pro­cras­ti­nating writing this post because, well, I’m not great with goodbyes.

Here’s the thing: After an incred­ible two-​​and-​​a-​​half-​​year run at North­eastern, I’ve accepted a job at the Broad Insti­tute, a genomics research insti­tu­tion in Cam­bridge, Mass. I’ll be starting as a senior sci­ence writer there on August 4 and while I’m super excited about this next step in my journey, it’s pretty bittersweet.

In closing up shop over the last few days, I dis­cov­ered that I met and spoke with 197 fac­ulty mem­bers while I was here plus dozens of stu­dents, post-​​docs and research staff, I recorded hun­dreds of hours worth of inter­views, and  wrote more than 700 news@Northeastern sto­ries and iNSo­lu­tion blog posts. But what I’ve learned here can’t pos­sibly be summed up in just a few digits.

Since my first inter­view on Jan­uary 9, 2012, the folks here have been teaching me things like how the Higgs boson works, what cli­mate change really means, why inter­tidal species are so impor­tant, how to make wine, the true def­i­n­i­tion of emo­tion, and count­less other facts, fig­ures, and phe­nomena. I will truly miss the breadth of research I am exposed to here, not to men­tion the kind, patient, and inspired minds that have brought it to me.

Working as a sci­ence writer at North­eastern is a truly unique expe­ri­ence. I’ve had an incred­ible amount of autonomy here–the freedom to follow my nose, explore new ter­ri­tory, and just gen­er­ally revel in my curiosity and excite­ment. A hearty “Thank you” to everyone who has made that such an easy thing to do.

If you’re a sci­ence writer and you’re inter­ested in taking the reins, check out the job descrip­tion here. Oth­er­wise, please keep in touch. I’m still on Twitter, but my handle has changed to @ajsciwri so be sure to follow me there. You can also find me on linkedin, Face­book, and email: ajherring@​nasw.​org.

In the next few weeks, iNSo­lu­tion may slow down a bit, but we’re hoping to get a few guest blog­gers to sat­isfy your sci­ence itch before the new offi­cial North­eastern sci­ence blogger joins the team.