Weekly Webcrawl: June 6, 2014

Okay, can a girl please get a little for­give­ness for not being so weekly in her weekly webcrawl lately? I promise to try to be better…

In the mean­time, here’s your not-​​so-​​weekly scoop on some of the sci­ence things hap­pening in the inter­webs. Since I’ve been slacking, you get some extra links this time:

This was the big sci­ence meme-​​esque link going around this week: 10 Sci­en­tific Ideas Sci­en­tists Wish You Would Stop Mis­using.

Some new research sug­gests that reading on a com­puter screen doesn’t engage the brain as much as reading a tra­di­tional paper-​​paged book. But it’s not just the screen itself that seems to be causing the problem, it’s about the way we read on screens.

Other research, though, sug­gests that those who spend a bunch of time on screens playing video games are likely to be more social and edu­cated than their non-​​gamer counterparts.

I had to get a couple shots of novo­cain in my gum yes­terday morning and it was freaking hellish. I really hope this research claiming to reverse tooth decay comes to fruition and soon.

Dude, I was just wishing this were pos­sible the other day: Real-​​life eternal sun­shine for the spot­less mind!

Two sci­en­tific amer­ican arti­cles: One on how pol­lu­tion is killing the world’s poor and one on how learning to play music can reduce the devel­op­mental draw­backs of being raised in poverty.

I’m starting to get really into Last Week Tonight…at least the clips of it that appear in my social media feeds since I can never seem to stay up that late on a Sunday night. Here’s John Oliver’s bril­liant inter­view with Stephen Hawking.

“The more time chil­dren spend in struc­tured, parent-​​guided activ­i­ties, the worse their ability to work pro­duc­tively towards self-​​directed goals.” I’ll have to keep that in mind over the next 18 years.

And finally, here’s a dig­ital pen that lets draw with any color you see in the world.