Weekly Webcrawl: Commencement edition

The photo of the week is a still from this rockin' video produced for today's festivities by my colleague Craig LaPlante.

The photo of the week is a still from this rockin’ video pro­duced for today’s fes­tiv­i­ties by my col­league Craig LaPlante.

It’s a big day for Northeastern’s senior class. Con­grat­u­la­tions to everyone finally taking their use-​​inspired-​​experience out into the world. I love a good alumni blog post, so keep in touch…

Of course, big things hap­pening around the world of sci­ence this week too. Take, for instance, the bloated, rot­ting whale that washed up on the shores of Trout River, New­found­land. It’s appar­ently a more common phe­nom­enon than you might expect (or hope).

The world was also intro­duced, this week, to the most amazing pen ever cre­ated. Get one.

Some physi­cists released a paper reporting on a thought exper­i­ment in which they con­sider “mem­o­ries of the future,” which they argue are a plau­sible con­cept in cer­tain scenarios…although I’m having a hard time dis­tin­guishing the idea from that of just pre­dicting the future based on cur­rent data and likely outcomes…anyone want to help me out on this one?

All those stu­dents grad­u­ating today will surely relish in not having to take any more notes for at least a little while. But when they do so again, they should con­sider using an old fash­ioned pen and paper instead of a com­puter if they really want to retain the infor­ma­tion, based on research released on the 23rd. I can totally attest to this, and anyone who’s sat through an inter­view with me knows that.

Researchers at Aus­tralia National Uni­ver­sity fig­ured out how to make a tiny and cheap device that turns your smart­phone into a micro­scope. You can, too!

The oceans are trea­sure troves of poten­tial drug devel­op­ment starting points, and new work from researchers at the National Cancer Insti­tute high­lights that fact. They found a pro­tein in corals that blocks HIV from get­ting into immune cells.

Happy May!