I’m moving to LA! Advice on Conducting a Long Distance Job Search

This post was written by Angela Vallillo, recent biology grad­uate on the pre-​​medical track. She is moving to LA in less than a week!

Hello again! I’m glad to be con­tributing to the blog for a second time. I thought I’d share some updates about my post-​​grad, job-​​searching, apart­ment hunting life. I grad­u­ated on May 2, but I don’t tech­ni­cally finish with my degree until August. Until then, I’m taking some classes online. But, I’m also in the process of moving to Los Angeles! My boyfriend and I have been in a long dis­tance rela­tion­ship for over two and a half years, and this was the per­fect oppor­tu­nity for us to finally be together. My flight is in the after­noon on June 5th, and I couldn’t be more excited to check out another city! This whole relo­ca­tion thing has had a lot of moving parts, so take note!

Apart­ment searching: As of about thirty min­utes ago, I am all locked in for an apart­ment. I thought I had one last week, but some things did not work out and every­thing seemed as if the whole move was falling apart. I’m looking in the Kore­atown area of Los Angeles, which is right out­side of down­town. It’s a cool area that is close to all the sights and restau­rants down­town. It was a bit weird con­ducting searches over the phone and explaining my sit­u­a­tion to land­lords and prop­erty man­agers, but most of the time they were pretty cool about it. It also helps that my boyfriend is already there and he can go check build­ings and apart­ments out before I get there. Face­Time has been really handy, he would go check out apart­ments and then Face­Time me so I could actu­ally see it in real time. Right now I’m in the process of signing a lease over the internet, and thanks to tech­nology, I’m able to do it over e-​​sign, which is great! Once I send a deposit and sign the lease, the apart­ment will be all mine when I step off the plane on June 5th. 

Job Hunting: So, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be moving without a job. Well, that quickly went out the window as I hadn’t been having a lot of luck with com­pa­nies wanting to hire me from out of town. If you’re looking to move, I wouldn’t take this as an “end all” state­ment because people have def­i­nitely done it. I’ve been doing a lot of searching on Craigslist for med­ical posi­tions. When I send out replies to ads, I def­i­nitely don’t hide the fact that I am out of town. I explain in the body of my email and cover letter, in a basic and easy to under­stand few sen­tences exactly what my plan is and what I’m doing. I also explic­itly say that I would love to phone or Skype inter­view if the com­pany wants to inter­view me before I get there. Some have been recep­tive, while others, I assume, have gone with people that are in the area. I did get a few calls back, and a Skype inter­view with an ortho­pedic sur­geon! Most of the time, they will want to meet you in person, and I will be heading to the office the day after my plane lands in order to for­mally inter­view. It def­i­nitely depends what field you’re looking for a job in order to figure out what kind of com­pa­nies you’re dealing with.

Gen­eral Moving Advice: So to throw another curve­ball into my moving plans, I also have a cat. This has lim­ited which apart­ments that I am able to even look at. I also have to bring her on the plane with me, which is going to be an adven­ture within itself. I plan on bringing one large bag, and mailing the rest of my things. Since the apart­ment isn’t fur­nished, that’s another thing that I have to do. Starting with the neces­si­ties and moving on from there. If any­body has any advice about sending or moving stuff, def­i­nitely let me know, I’m always open to sug­ges­tions– just leave it in the comments!

It’s hard leaving a place you’ve grown to love and lived in for so long, but grad­u­ating is all about new oppor­tu­ni­ties and new adven­tures! Wish me luck!

Angela Vallillo is recent biology major on the pre-​​medical track. She is in the midst of moving cross country to LAFollow her NU admis­sions blog to read more from Angela.