Weekly Webcrawl: April 18, 2014

Just a pretty picture of a jellyfish from the California Academy of Sciences. Photo by Sonny Abesamis via Flickr.

Just a pretty pic­ture of a jel­ly­fish from the Cal­i­fornia Academy of Sci­ences. Photo by Sonny Abesamis via Flickr.

It was a big week for poten­tial life-​​supporting con­di­tions in space. Sci­en­tists found that Pluto may have a deep, under­ground ocean, which could explain it’s unique rela­tion­ship with it’s moon, Charon. And they also dis­cov­ered a dis­tant planet called Kepler-​​186f that looks more sim­ilar to Earth than any­thing they’ve seen before.

It seems hard to believe that one of the most fun­da­mental processes in human life–namely fertilization–is still so poorly under­stood. Well, British sci­en­tists gleaned a little more insight this week when they dis­cov­ered how sperm and egg cells rec­og­nize each other, which could mean big things for birth con­trol and fer­tility treatments.

Here’s a little more quirky exper­i­ment we learned about this week: Italian “embod­i­ment” researchers con­vinced people their hands were made of stone.

And here’s a freaking awe­some gif-​​gallery of MRI scans of fruits and veg­eta­bles for your viewing plea­sure. Bon appetit!