This is the third install­ment in a series of pro­files of brothers and sis­ters who play for the same ath­letic team at North­eastern. To read the pre­vious two, click here and here.

Julia and Adriana Sepul­veda, fra­ternal twins on Northeastern’s swim­ming and diving team, are wont to follow in each other’s footsteps.

In high school, they worked the same summer job, selling pret­zels at a mall in Houston, Texas. At North­eastern, they share the same circle of friends, a sim­ilar fashion sense, and an aca­d­emic interest in the music industry.

This semester, the Sepul­vedas, AMD’15, are taking three classes together. In the past, they’ve roomed together. To sum up, they’re insep­a­rable, dop­pel­gangers both lit­er­ally and figuratively.

We’re pretty much the same exact person,” Julia says. Adriana agrees, noting that “We have the same interests.”

And yet dif­fer­ences do exist, slight dis­tinc­tions found in both their per­son­al­i­ties and swim­ming strengths. According to the Sepul­vedas, Adriana is more out­going, Julia more reserved. Head swim­ming and diving coach Roy Coates sees things a little dif­fer­ently, noting that the twins are “very shy and rel­a­tively quiet.” In his recruiting visit to their home, he says, the Sepul­vedas’ par­ents did the majority of the talking.

In the water, Adriana spe­cial­ized in the freestyle, Julia in the indi­vidual medley. After four years on the team, the Sepul­vedas con­cluded their col­le­giate careers in March with a sixth place finish in the Colo­nial Ath­letic Asso­ci­a­tion Championship.

In her final season, Adriana placed second in the 500-​​meter freestyle in meets against Boston Col­lege and Brown Uni­ver­sity. Julia, for her part, fin­ished second in both the 400-​​meter freestyle relay and 200-​​meter indi­vidual medley in a meet against the Uni­ver­sity of Delaware.

Julia is a very ver­sa­tile swimmer,” Coates says. “She’s doesn’t have a weak stroke.”  Adriana, he notes, is “very con­sis­tent and has excel­lent endurance.”

Adriana (left) and Julia Sepulveda.

Adriana (left) and Julia Sepulveda.

The Sepul­vedas started swim­ming at age 5, urged on by their mother who recently took up run­ning. In middle school, the twins kept in shape by playing bas­ket­ball and run­ning track in the off-​​season, but tran­si­tioned to swim­ming full time once they reached high school. “Our mom likes to say that we got her ath­letic genes from her,” Adriana jokes, “but my sister and I were the first in our family to play a sport seriously.”

Now that they’ve fin­ished their swim­ming careers, the Sepul­vedas have turned their atten­tion to their pro­fes­sional goals. Julia received the 2014 Jeanne Row­lands Award as Northeastern’s top female scholar-​​athlete and both plan on working on co-​​op next fall, though it’s unlikely they’ll end up at the same company.

Maybe that’s a good thing. “Some­times,” Julia says, “it’s OK to do stuff on your own and be your own person.”