Take a look through your smart­phone photo library; you may find many more selfies than you remember taking. Not only is it fun to cycle through and fondly recall those moments—the wide grin at the Grand Canyon, the painted face in the Dog­house at Matthews Arena, the close-​​up with your cat while snug­gling on the couch. Now, those self-​​portraits can be your North­eastern ID.

The uni­ver­sity is cap­i­tal­izing on selfies’ pop­u­larity by allowing stu­dents to use them as their Husky ID photos. Stu­dents must submit their selfies via email, where­upon they will be cross-​​referenced with the student’s existing ID photo to con­firm their iden­tity. Upon approval, stu­dents can expect to receive their new IDs within two hours, deliv­ered via UPS by flying robotic parcel carriers.

Upon learning of the new policy, many stu­dents rejoiced.

This is awe­some,” said Eng­lish major Flora Polis, pausing to take a selfie to cap­ture her moment of bliss. “I might even use that one.”

For busi­ness major Lilas Profo, the deci­sion won’t be so easy. He took a great selfie while on vaca­tion over spring break, but others—one from a recent dinner outing with friends, another after com­pleting a rig­orous mid-​​term paper—are just as good. “I love the idea,” Profo said. “Now it’s just a matter of finding the best one.”

This article is part of Northeastern’s 2014 April Fools’ Day coverage.