How to Keep Your Energy Level Up On Co-​​op

Can't. Move. Another. Inch.  Image Source:

Can’t. Move. Another. Inch.
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This article was written by Lindsey Sampson, a 3rd year inter­na­tional affairs stu­dent at NU as a reg­ular stu­dent con­trib­utor for The Works.

Pulling five eight-​​hour work days in a row every week is a far cry from the typ­ical col­lege student’s schedule. You have to wake up early, get your­self together just enough to pull of the “I’m employed” look, and run out the door to get to work on time. You spend a long day at your desk or in front of your com­puter, and come home exhausted. You shlump your way through dinner, watch an episode of TV before falling asleep like you just got back from climbing Mount Kil­i­man­jaro. How­ever, it is pos­sible to keep your­self feeling ener­getic during the week, even with a full-​​time schedule.

Hustle in the morning. Maybe you have a goal or two. Maybe you want to step it up at work and get a raise, or put more work into your side hustle, or maybe you’re just looking to recover from the twelve coffee cakes you ate on Easter. What­ever your goals may be, it’s hard to have the energy to get things done after a long day of work. If you start your day strong, that energy will trans­late into higher pro­duc­tivity for the rest of your day. If pos­sible, work out in the morning. Even though you have to get up ear­lier, the energy you get from a morning workout far exceeds the energy you get from the extra hour of sleep.

Shop right. I’m sure you have never heard that eating right is impor­tant to your energy level. What an orig­inal piece of advice. Eating right is one of the most impor­tant parts of a high energy level, but it’s impor­tant to know how to shop right first — oth­er­wise eating right is nearly impos­sible. When you walk into the super­market, keep most (or all) of your shop­ping in the outer ring. That’s where the fresh stuff is. If your cart is full of mostly fruits, veg­eta­bles, pro­tein, and whole grain, you’re going to be fine. Keep snacks like apples, bananas, and yogurt in the fridge at work so your stomach isn’t eating itself all the way home on the T.

Keep your­self busy. After work, grab coffee with a friend. Take a yoga class. Check out what’s hap­pening in your city for free on a Tuesday evening. While down time is cru­cial for a bal­anced (and sane) life, too much can cause slug­gish­ness and unnec­es­sary boredom, depleting your energy level in a big way. If you keep your­self busy, you will appre­ciate and take advan­tage of moments of relax­ation much more. As an added bonus, a busy and active day leads to better sleep at night, which means more energy in the morning. So treat your body to a busy schedule because you deserve it.

If you hustle in one aspect of your life, that men­tality tends to spread to other aspects of your life. If you keep your energy high during the day and keep your mind focused on your goals, those New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions you haven’t thought about since Jan­uary 2nd will seem like a piece of cake.

Lindsey Sampson is a mid­dler Inter­na­tional Affairs major with minors in Social Entre­pre­neur­ship and Writing. She enjoys writing about Mil­len­nials in the work­place and social media as a mar­keting tool. Follow her blog here and tweet her @lindseygsampson.