Weekly Webcrawl: March 7, 2014

Gouttes d'eau & fontaine (which translates to drops of water and fountain) by Corine CAMIADE via Flickr.

Gouttes d’eau & fontaine (which trans­lates to drops of water and foun­tain) by Corine CAMIADE via Flickr.

This is amazing and beau­tiful and just darn cool: tree rings trans­lated into music.

Not that it’ll be a problem with the tree songs, but just in case, here’s how to get a song out of your head.

It’s always fun to con­sider sim­i­lar­i­ties between music and math. Here’s some new neu­ro­log­ical data on the subject.

Playing with scale (not the musical kind, the size kind). “Most of space is just space.” Also, I chal­lenge you to make it to the end of the solar system. I failed at that task myself…so far, anyway.

OMG, I’m so obsessed with True Detec­tive. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself after Sunday. Thank god for GoT (remember this?)

Some much-​​deserved good press for drones (they’re good at other things too, besides just shooting at people from an imper­sonal distance…like catching a glimpse of hump­back whale mammas snug­gling their young — jump to 2:27 and watch to the end for that bit, but the beginning’s pretty awe-​​inspiring also.)