3 LinkedIn Tips for Job Hunters

source: socialmediaforstudents.com

source: www​.social​me​di​aforstu​dents​.com

This article was written by Lindsey Sampson, a 3rd year inter­na­tional affairs stu­dent at NU as a reg­ular stu­dent con­trib­utor for The Works.

Everyone knows LinkedIn is a great tool. LinkedIn makes it easier for poten­tial employers to find you, boosts your online pres­ence, and allows you to take full advan­tage of the strength of your pro­fes­sional net­work. Here are a few tricks and tips to max­i­mize LinkedIn for your job search.

LinkedIn Stalking: It’s a thing. Actu­ally, it’s a great thing. Looking at other pro­fes­sionals’ pro­files on LinkedIn is an excel­lent resource for stu­dents and job searchers. Start by finding your career crush. Dig­ital mar­keting man­ager at your dream firm? Good for you. Check out her expe­ri­ence sec­tion: Where did she start? What skills does she have? Where did she intern during her under­grad years? Looking at other peo­ples’ time­lines can give you an idea of what entry-​​level jobs look like in your industry, which can help you visu­alize your own career goals.

Free­lancers: Okay, this is also kind of about LinkedIn stalking. No big deal. If you are inter­ested in becoming a free­lancer, check out the expe­ri­ence sec­tion of other free­lancers’ pro­files. Chances are good that there will be a list of pub­li­ca­tions for which this person has written. This will give you some good ideas of who to con­tact within your industry space for writing opportunities.

Com­pa­nies: Looking at com­pa­nies on LinkedIn is an espe­cially great tool for stu­dents and recent grad­u­ates. While you are still in school, make a list of com­pa­nies that interest you. Your list may only include five or six for now, but this list should be dynamic. Add to it as you go. Having a list of poten­tial future employers will help you avoid sit­ting in front of a blank Google page a month before you grad­uate, trying to figure out what to do with your life. If you start early and add to the list when­ever you stumble upon an inter­esting com­pany, you could rack up 50–100 com­pa­nies to con­tact before you graduate.

Here’s where LinkedIn comes in.

Com­pany pages on LinkedIn pro­vide rec­om­men­da­tions for sim­ilar com­pa­nies in the area. Looking for an edu­ca­tion tech­nology startup in Seattle? Find one, check it out on LinkedIn, and aha! Now you have dis­cov­ered five more. Good for you. Searching through LinkedIn com­pany rec­om­men­da­tions can greatly expand your list of dream companies.

LinkedIn is a pow­erful tool for the modern pro­fes­sional. Take advan­tage of all of its fea­tures and make your life – and your job search – a whole lot less painful.

Lindsey Sampson is a mid­dler Inter­na­tional Affairs major with minors in Social Entre­pre­neur­ship and Writing. She enjoys writing about Mil­len­nials in the work­place and social media as a mar­keting tool. Follow her blog here and tweet her @lindseygsampson.