Weekly Webcrawl: February 24, 2013


Weekly photo: “Feeling grumpy in the morning? Cane Toad (Rhinella marina). A South Amer­ican species, great at con­trol­ling bee­tles that threat­ened sugar and fruit plan­ta­tions. Intro­duced to Aus­tralia in 1935 and now hop­ping across the con­ti­nent eating any­thing that they can fit in their mouths. To many Aussie ani­mals a plump toad is a tempting meal, but toxins exuded from spe­cial glands on the toad’s head often leads to a quick death.” Photo by Paul Williams via Flickr.

This should have gone up on Friday, but I failed. Sorry guys. Enjoy, this monday morning, three won­derful videos at the end.

Whoa. Seal a bullet wound in sec­onds? Hope­fully I never have a need for this, but still, good to know.

This is so depressing. Come on, people!