Weekly Webcrawl: February 14, 2013

These guys fig­ured out a way to get skin cells — which sci­en­tists have been able to grow in the lab for decades — onto the bodies that need them. One of the first sub­jects, a burn victim who’d lost the skin on nearly half his body, was fully healed in a couple of weeks.

Along the lines of my old favorite, WTF NASA, here’s a new blog called “Things That Cost More Than Space Explo­ration.”

Gosh, boys, you really ought to clean up your lan­guage on the social medias. And, girls, soooooo, yeah, that’s a lot of emoticons.

And two bonus links, just for valentine’s day:

20 things you may not know about sex

Mar­riage 101: a real course at the other inter­car­dinal uni­ver­sity over in Chicago.

Oh, man, what a week. So many great things to share. Here’s one more. You may have known how crazy smart crows are, but here you can wit­ness the amaz­ing­ness in action: