This is the first install­ment in a series of pro­files of brothers and sis­ters who play for the same ath­letic team at Northeastern.

Haley and Jenny Sin­clair, fra­ternal twins on the women’s soccer squad, are aggres­sive yet intel­li­gent young ath­letes, first-​​year Huskies who put team before truculence.

They’re com­pet­i­tive, ath­letic, and very tough,” said head coach Tracey Leone, a fra­ternal twin her­self. “We’ve def­i­nitely ben­e­fited from having their type of char­acter on our team.”

Take, for instance, Jenny’s most phys­ical per­for­mance of her freshman season, a 2–0 vic­tory over the Hof­stra Pride in October. “Midway through the match one of their players shoved me and got a yellow card,” Jenny recalled. “We started pushing each other, but I didn’t let it go any fur­ther because it wasn’t worth get­ting penalized.”

Penalty or no, the soccer sis­ters’ feisty atti­tudes helped the Huskies reach last season’s Colo­nial Ath­letic Asso­ci­a­tion con­fer­ence cham­pi­onship. Haley, a for­ward, scored two goals in 21 games, while Jenny, a defender, racked up at least 90 min­utes of playing time in three of her 14 appearances.

Haley’s first col­le­giate goal was a game-​​winner against the Uni­ver­sity of Wilm­ington last Sep­tember, a feat for which she received Rookie of the Week honors. “It made me very happy,” said Haley. “All my team­mates were very supportive.”

Leone is wont to pit­ting the twins against each other in one-​​on-​​one prac­tice drills, the majority of which the more offensive-​​minded Haley wins. “I like watching them battle,” Leone explained. “Both of them have so much raw ability and con­tinue to grow from a tac­tical standpoint.”

The Sin­clair sis­ters will tell you that speed is their biggest strength, which they honed at Deep Run High School in Glen Allen, Va., where they both com­peted in the 100-​​meter, 200, 300, and 2X400 relay. “I’m better at long dis­tance,” said Haley, “and my sister’s stronger in sprints.”

Jenny agreed, noting that their ath­letic prowess is in their genes. Their mom coached gym­nas­tics and their dad played high school football.

Our mom pushed us to play sports growing up and we fell in love with soccer,” said Jenny. The best part of the game, she notes, is the rush of adren­a­line after a vic­tory, saying that she “loves com­peting and win­ning is the best thing ever.”

Added Haley: “When you win, you win as a team, and our team is our family.”