Weekly Webcrawl: October 25 & November 1, 2013!

Photo of the Week: Australia, in what looks like watercolor, but is actually a satellite image from NASA. Photo by U.S. Geological Survey via Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo of the Week: Aus­tralia, in what looks like water­color, but is actu­ally a satel­lite image from NASA. Photo by U.S. Geo­log­ical Survey via Flickr Cre­ative Commons.

I missed Friday last week. In fact, I think I may have missed last week entirely. I blinked and it was over. So this week’s web crawl, brought to you from not-​​so-​​sunny-​​but-​​super-​​warm Gainesville, Florida, where the annual Sci­ence Writers con­fer­ence is taking place, covers October 25 and November 1.

Okay, actu­ally, this one came out on October 9, but I dis­cov­ered it later than that. Sci­en­tists are map­ping how the brain responds to poetry and prose. Per­haps unsur­pris­ingly, it’s quite sim­ilar to the way it responds to music.

On the 19th, The Econ­o­mist had two arti­cles about on the need for a rein­vig­o­ra­tion of the all impor­tant process of ver­i­fying results in sci­en­tific research, a prac­tice that is appar­ently less common than it once was and still should be, for var­ious reason.

This Pales­tinian guy hacked into Face­book exec Mark Zuckerberg’s per­sonal FB account to prove a point and is now using money from a crowd funding cam­paign to start a com­pany that hacks for the greater good.

A 3D ani­ma­tion of what it would be like to fly over Mars? Yes please.