Weekly Webcrawl: November 9, 2013


Photo of the Week: The partial solar eclipse on Monday was . Photo by Rahigrim Monasterios via Flickr Creative Commons.

Photo of the Week: The solar eclipse on Monday was vis­ible in parts of Europe, the US, and Africa. A rare “hybrid” eclipse, it was seen in total in some loca­tions and only par­tially in others. Another total eclipse of the sun (not to be con­fused with my heart) will not come until 2017. Photo by Rahi­grim Monas­te­rios via Flickr Cre­ative Commons.

Sad news about the western black rhino this week doesn’t bode well for its relatives.

What can we learn from the most pow­erful trop­ical cyclone ever to hit land?

Don’t stay up too late, your immune system won’t be happy if you do.