Weekly Webcrawl: October 19, 2013


The photo of the week is called “phys­ical graf­fiti” and was found on Flickr a week late. The dudes who the­o­rized the bit of physics acknowl­edged here won the Nobel in Physics last week. Photo by Skott Яeader.

Why do four-​​day work weeks always seem to last longer than the others? I got pre­cisely zero things com­pleted this week because there just wasn’t enough time! And that, of course, included the webcrawl.

But I’m glad it’s a day late, because it allows me to include this Wired opinion piece on the “darknet,” a par­allel internet-​​verse for the crim­i­nals among us, but which offers an inter­esting answer to all the shenani­gans sur­rounding the NSA’s recently revealed data col­lec­tion practices.

Sadly, we’d all like to pre­tend that sexual harass­ment doesn’t happen, but it does. A lot. Across prob­ably all pro­fes­sional sec­tors.  Wy should we expect sci­ence writing and  jour­nalism to be any dif­ferent? They’re not. The com­mu­nity was reminded of that this week.

And, finally on a hap­pier note, here’s a great infographic-​​esque video pub­lished in Sep­tember by fellow-​​science-​​writer-​​friend Aatash Bhatia. It describes why moving through a fluid envi­ron­ment is such a dif­ferent expe­ri­ence for sperm and sperm whales. It will blow your mind.