Weekly Webcrawl: October 11, 2013


The photo of the week shows a male southern hawker drag­onfly doing his thang at Higher Hyde Heath Nature Reserve in Dorset Eng­land. Photo by Flickr pho­tog­ra­pher Ian Kirk of the UK.

Lit­erary bards and French people have long called orgasms “little deaths.” Appar­ently it’s the real deal for some male mar­su­pials, who die after sex. Poor guys.

Holy can­noli: a simple peanut butter sniff test detects Alzheimer’s dis­ease with sur­prising accuracy.

My dog Ledley doesn’t seem to have fig­ured it out yet, but ele­phants get the point of pointing! A more amazing feat than you may suspect.

And finally, more evi­dence that I should be exer­cising more.