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City Spot NYC

Allison Walker has been working at BWR Public Rela­tions in an exciting, fast-​​paced intern­ship in the Big Apple for the past few months.  Despite the high cost of living, (a stan­dard movie-​​ticket will cost you $13.50!) and despite the fact that NY is home to some of Boston’s biggest sport rivals (the Yan­kees), Allison has thor­oughly enjoyed her intern­ship and time so far in NYC.  She was kind enough to give me the inside scoop on her intern­ship, her view­point of NYC, and advice for any Husky who is looking to intern there.

Ashley LoBue (AL): What type of public rela­tions does BWR Public Rela­tions do?

Allison Walker (AW): BWR Public Rela­tions is a celebrity PR com­pany that works on the talent side, so we do celebrity PR, but we also do events for corporations.  

(AL): Tell me a little bit about what you do day-​​to-​​day as a public rela­tions intern.

(AW):  Well the good news is that I never have to get coffee! It’s great because I get to do min­imum “intern” work. In the begin­ning I had to do some pho­to­copying, and I was charged with updating both elec­tric and binder press kits for clients, but then I started get­ting more respon­si­bility as the intern­ship went on, which was really cool.  I was given the oppor­tu­nity to work NYC Fashion week, where I cre­ated client sched­ules, booked them for shows, and acted as their informal “body guard” during shows. So, I basi­cally man­aged their inter­views and any inter­ac­tions they had with the press and pho­tog­ra­phers.  I also got to go to the DKNY birthday party and made sure the clients were sit­u­ated there and helped my super­vi­sors create client sched­ules and looks for the Emmys.  I’m really excited that I get to go to these types of dif­ferent events (I go by myself or with a pub­li­cist) to make sure that every­thing is going according to plan for dif­ferent BWR clients.  

 (AL): So now I know a little bit about what you do and what you enjoy as part of the intern­ship.  What do you find challenging?

(AW): Some­times the work hours are chal­lenging. For Fashion Week, I had to work all day and into the night to coor­di­nate every­thing and make sure every­thing was going smoothly.

(AL): Could you take me through the process of how you got your posi­tion in NYC?

(AW): I got the inter­view through the co-​​op system! It’s the first time they are doing co-​​op. I inter­viewed with them at their office in NYC. It’s best to go to inter­views in person unless it’s really dif­fi­cult to get there.

(AL): Do you have any advice for stu­dents that want to work in PR?

(AW): Well, I do have a really big back­ground in enter­tain­ment PR and film, and I’ve also done music PR, which prob­ably made it easier for me to land this intern­ship.  They are looking for someone who is really out­going and is not just going to just sit in the back corner and wait for someone to tell them what to do.  They like people who can take ini­tia­tive and ask, “What do you need? I can do this.” PR needs a type of person who can put him or her­self out there. So, my advice is to be con­fi­dent and let people see your will­ing­ness to work hard and pas­sion for the industry.

(AL): What are some of the major dif­fer­ences between living in Boston vs. living in NYC?

(AW): NYC is a lot more expen­sive than Boston and a lot more fast-​​paced and cut throat than Boston.  People think,” oh that’s not true, it’s just a rumor”, but it’s so true.  Hon­estly, everyone has either done what you’ve done or done more, but that makes you more driven and makes you want to try harder, which is one of my favorite things about the city.  NY is a per­fect place to start a career or intern because it makes you ready for any­thing and made me into a super intern.  Boston is a great place to intern, but NY has made me excited, driven and com­pet­i­tive. NYC is one of my favorite places, so I might be biased, but I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend for anyone to intern here at least once.

 (AL): What do you want to do post-​​graduation?

(AW): I do like celebrity PR– it’s fun, exciting and I get to do a lot of fun stuff.  I’m not sure though.  I think maybe some­thing in the enter­tain­ment field because I like that envi­ron­ment.  Jour­nalism or public rela­tions is prob­ably where I’m going to end up.

(AL): And finally, what is your favorite food in NYC?

(AW): That’s a tough one. Prob­ably the 24 hour diners!

Ashley LoBue is a Career Advisor and The Works’ City Spot­light core­spon­dent  If you want to be fea­tured as a City Spot­light, or know some­body who should, con­tact her at a.​lobue@​neu.​edu.