Weekly Webcrawl: September 6, 2013

A mystery structure found in the amazon. Photo by Troy Alexander.

A mys­tery struc­ture found in the amazon may be a unique type of spider egg sac. Photo by Troy Alexander.

I caught an unfor­tu­nate glimpse of the show “Alien Autopsy” the other day. Why do we need to make up silly stuff like that when the world is already so mys­te­rious all on its own? Case in point: “Weird web-​​tower things” in the Amazon.

A though pro­voking post by Radi­oLab host Robert Krul­wich about the limits of sci­ence.

Sci­ence fic­tion writer Isaac Asimov was a cool guy and he could see the future…okay, not really, but he had a better idea than most.