Weekly Webcrawl: September 2, 2013


Photo via Thinkstock.

I got to work this morning and real­ized I never posted the webcrawl I put together on Friday!! Sorry — hope­fully you’ll still find these interesting:

The Atlantic reported that people strug­gling with poverty have less cog­ni­tive space to deal with other stuff, including gaining the skills to bring them­selves out of the struggle.

Dis­cover mag­a­zine blog Seri­ously Sci­ence tells us that women find men with facial hair sexier than their clean-​​shaven coun­ter­parts. Try telling that to my friend whose hus­band is always threat­ening to grow out his beard.

A new ele­ment for the peri­odic table? It may last less time than it takes you to sneeze, but it’s still cool!