Weekly Webcrawl: September 27, 2013

Caddiesflies spin an adhesive silk underwater to build nets to capture food and build protective shelter. Pictured is that silk magnified. Photo by Bennett Addison.

Cad­dies­flies spin an adhe­sive silk under­water to build nets to cap­ture food and build pro­tec­tive shelter. Pic­tured is that silk mag­ni­fied. Photo by Ben­nett Addison.

This week researchers fig­ured out a way for amputees to con­trol pros­thetic limbs with nothing but the power of their minds.

They also made matter — as in stuff you can weigh with a scale — out of light! According to Dis­cover blogger Bill Andrews, they basi­cally made light sabers.

This fif­teen year old kid made a test strip for pan­cre­atic cancer using antibody-​​coated nan­otubes. Since then, he’s become famous and is fig­uring out how to deal with the celebrity while remaining a reg­ular kid. If only Miley Cyrus were as cool as this kid… By the way, this is old (from April) but I just dis­cov­ered it this week, so it’s still tech­ni­cally part of my per­sonal weekly webcrawl :)

<— Also, here’s a new idea. A weekly sci­ence photo from around the inter­nets. Click on the image for more info on the research behind it.