Weekly Webcrawl: September 20, 2013

A cotton-top tamarin. Photo via Thinkstock.

A cotton-​​top tamarin. Photo via Thinkstock.

The world’s first non-​​human whis­perers: cotton-​​top tamarins (which, by the way, are freaking adorable).

Tox­o­plas­mosis, which emboldens mice in the pres­ence of cats and gives humans schizophrenic-​​like traits, is still my favorite parasite.

A new bug repel­lent ren­ders you invis­ible to mosquitoes.

I’m not sure this qual­i­fies as sci­ence, nor whether it’s really eth­ical, but it’s cer­tainly beau­tiful: fly like an eagle.…with a Go-​​Pro on its back.