Giving voice to the voiceless, with personality

I’ve written about Pro­fessor Rupal Patel’s work sev­eral times before, but it never ever gets old. So much of our per­son­ality, she’s told me before, is tied up in our voice. That ends up meaning a lot to someone who can’t use their voice to com­mu­ni­cate. Patel is working on a tech­nology that not only gives voice to the voice­less, like the syn­thetic voice tech­nolo­gies cur­rently avail­able, but does so while also retaining the per­sonal iden­tity of the indi­vidual using it. This great video about her work aired on Huff­in­gton Post the other day. Enjoy!

Also, here’s another great video about what it really means for so many people with speech dis­or­ders to be using the same syn­thetic voice:


Voice by Choice from Christo­pher Newell on Vimeo.