What’s Career Services? Is that like co-​​op?”

Wait, what's career services?  source: verydemotivational.com

Wait, what’s career ser­vices?  Is that like co-​​op?”
 source: very​de​mo​ti​va​tional​.com

If you’re on this page and won­dering where you are and how you got here, wel­come to The Works, also known as the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Career Ser­vices blog.  As a Career Advisor and the main con­trib­utor to this blog I hope to pro­vide some insight and humor into mate­rial that can be per­ceived by stu­dents as dry, intim­i­dating, boring, or all of the above. As a double Husky (yes, I’ve gone here twice), I under­stand what a Mid­dler is and have had to explain co-​​op in great detail to dis­tant rel­a­tives numerous times, so yes, I think I get it.

To answer the ques­tion: no we are not co-​​op, but work directly with co-​​op to help con­nect stu­dents with employers and grow pro­fes­sion­ally.  Ranked #2 by Princeton Review for Uni­ver­sity Career Ser­vices nation­wide, we can help you build your career suc­cess, but not without a little work of course. Career Ser­vices serves all stu­dents (frosh through Ph.D can­di­dates and alums) to help them deter­mine majors, define skills, write those daunting cover let­ters, resumes and per­sonal state­ments and explore career/​major options (among many other things). Any­thing career related, we cover that.

"Help! I need a job!"

Help! I need a job!”      source: Tumblr

We host events and work­shops that serve stu­dents across all dis­ci­plines.  A few of these include Career Fair, nuCAUSE, Career Con­ver­sa­tions, Small Group Job Search, LinkedIn for Net­working, and Matching Skills to Majors.  We have walk-​​in hours (M-​​F 1:30–3:30) where you can drop in and meet with a coun­selor for 15 min­utes and some­times an employer (check out our Employer in Res­i­dence pro­gram).  We also see stu­dents one-​​on-​​one for hour long con­sul­ta­tions if you’re looking for a more per­sonal touch.  To learn more, feel free to check out our main page www​.north​eastern​.edu/​c​a​r​e​e​r​s​e​r​v​i​ces, to see our cal­endar and peruse other resources.

Check out The Works every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for info on upcoming events, overall career advice, stu­dent per­spec­tives and suc­cess sto­ries, employer insight and, all things career related.  I look for­ward to com­ments and sug­ges­tions on dif­ferent topics and posts. I do reserve the right to mon­itor this so don’t post any­thing you wouldn’t want your Nana to see.

Kelly Scott is a Career Advisor at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity and social media enthu­siast.  A proud Gen Y, she enjoys writing about work­place cul­ture and per­sonal online branding. For more career insight, follow/​tweet her at @kellydscott4.