Weekly Webcrawl: August 9, 2013

Photo via Thinkstock.

Photo via Thinkstock.

A few of my favorite things…in science.…this week:

Cells from a woman named Hen­ri­etta Lacks have enabled much of the bio­med­ical advance­ments of the last 60 years, though her family was never rec­og­nized for her unin­ten­tional con­tri­bu­tion. A new agree­ment with the NIH gives the Lacks family more con­trol over their mother’s genome, con­tin­uing the con­ver­sa­tion on the ethics of genetics.

This story in New Sci­en­tist reminded me of a lec­ture I attended at the Santa Fe Insti­tute a few years ago, about the link(s) between schiz­o­phrenia and autism. Then a friend pointed out this older article, from 2008, that breaks it all down for you.

Whoa, crazy: I went to col­lege with this guy whose video asking whether math­e­matics really exists showed up on my blog feed the other day.

And here of course, is the syn­thetic burger everyone’s been talking about. What do you think? Would you eat “schmeat”?