Amy’s Not-​​So-​​Formal Introduction


Here’s a poorly cropped photo of my head. Con­sider it a gift.

Hello, North­eastern! My name is Amy. I am hon­ored, hum­bled, and ridicu­lously excited to be one of the very first NU Career Ser­vices stu­dent blog­gers! I’ll be writing about the inside scoop on how stu­dents can use the (free!) Career Ser­vices resources (right on campus!) to pre­pare for post-​​grad success.

So what have I learned about career devel­op­ment? Well, I’m nearing my ninth month working with Career Ser­vices. I fin­ished a six-​​month co-​​op as Employer Rela­tions Coor­di­nator in June 2013, and now I’m working as a mar­keting intern. In my time here so far, I’ve met dozens of employers, learned the ins and outs of working with career advi­sors, staffed career fairs, and even sat on a hiring committee…you know, the works. Even without all that fun stuff, I’ve learned so much about career building just by breathing the same air as my advising and employer rela­tions col­leagues that I say hi to every day.

I’m here to dish out all the tricks I’ve dis­cov­ered (lucky you)! Stay tuned for more posts from me every other Wednesday!

Amy Annette Henion is a senior com­mu­ni­ca­tions major with minors in the­atre and East Asian studies. She prac­ti­cally lives in the the­atre depart­ment office on the first floor of Ryder. Follow/​tweet her at @amyannette37 and read her blog here.