Weekly Webcrawl: July 19, 2013


Ha ha. Aren't these guys cute?! Photo via Thinkstock.

Aren’t these guys cute?! Photo via Thinkstock.

Nos­talgia may actu­ally have had an evo­lu­tionary pur­pose and it sill isn’t nec­es­sarily a bad thing.

What about déjà vu? What’s it good for?

Did you hear that Robert Gal­braith is really J.K.Rowling? If you did, you can thank forensic lin­guists!

And two sto­ries about dogs: 1) Maybe they do have color vision after all!! 2) Car­olina dogs have been on this con­ti­nent for a lot longer than my labradoodle’s breed, and all the ones that went into it.