Weekly Webcrawl: July 26, 2013

Photo by Nic McPhee via Flickr.

Photo by Nic McPhee via Flickr.

What’s the buzz? Tell me whats happening:

A book review from Maria Popova over at Brain Pick­ings on “The Twenty-​​Four Hour Mind,” a book exploring the rela­tion­ship between sleep, dreams, and depression.

MIT researchers can create mem­o­ries of things that never were.

This story on why cre­ative people tend to be “eclectic” came out a couple years ago, but for some reason Sci­en­tific Amer­ican posted it to face­book this week so I read it.

This is also not brand new, but I just found it. Last week Jenny McCarthy landed a job as a co-​​host on the view, giving broad public atten­tion to her views against vac­cines. Panic Virus author Seth Mnookin wrote a 4-​​part primer on why this is concerning.

…Oh, and this, which I dis­cov­ered right after posting: Sci­en­tists dis­cover what’s killing the bees, and it’s worse than you thought