Weekly Webcrawl: It’s been a heck of a (2) week(s)

Hi friends — I’m sorry I missed last week’s webcrawl. I really have no excuse, since I was tech­ni­cally locked inside my house all day and should have had plenty of time to do it. But I was glued to CNN, tex­ting my friends in Newton and Water­town, and gen­er­ally trying to stay calm as the city of Boston launched one of the largest man­hunts in our nation’s history. But things are mostly back to normal, what­ever that means, so here we are, back on the webcrawl wagon again.

A few of my favorite sci­ence sto­ries and blog posts from the last two weeks:

  1. How not to die, from the Atlantic: Two doctors take on the tragedy of end of life care
  2. Play for all kinds of possibilities, from the New York Times : David Dobbs beautifully shows us how human play may drive evolution
  3. Why was the Texas fertilizer plant so deadly?, from Scientific American: The title pretty much tells you what you need to know
  4. "I think I've just thought up Something important", from The Loom: Carl Zimmer's tribute to the Nobel Prize winner Francois Jacob, who passed away over the weekend
  5. Shut up, brain!, from You've got some science on you: Fellow Boston science writer Tom Ulrich discusses one of my favorite topics: falling asleep.
  6. Consciousness After Death: Strange Tales From the Frontiers of Resuscitation Medicine, from Wired: Okay, I haven't actually read this one yet, but I'm really excited to!

And finally, here’s a great video of what a capuchin monkey thinks about unequal pay for equal work: