Doctor of Laws

Throughout her illus­trious career in public ser­vice, New Hamp­shire Gov­ernor Mar­garet Wood Hassan has cham­pi­oned common-​​sense, bipar­tisan solu­tions to address the com­plex chal­lenges con­fronting her state and the New Eng­land region.

First as a state leg­is­lator, and now as the second woman to be elected chief exec­u­tive in the Granite State, Gov. Hassan’s lead­er­ship has been marked by her ability to bring people together to find common ground around core issues such as edu­ca­tion, health­care, and jobs.

Elected gov­ernor in 2012, she is the dri­ving force behind “Inno­vate NH,” a jobs plan focused on building a strong work­force, pro­viding tar­geted tax credits to busi­nesses, and pro­viding busi­nesses with tech­nical assis­tance in order to enhance New Hampshire’s com­pet­i­tive posi­tion in the global economy. She also is working with law­makers from both par­ties to develop a bal­anced budget that keeps taxes low while pro­tecting New Hampshire’s vital public services.

Gov. Hassan’s ability to get things done led Busi­ness NH Mag­a­zine to name her one of the state’s most pow­erful people in 2010, when she was majority leader of the state Senate.

The Boston native and North­eastern Uni­ver­sity School of Law alumna was first elected to the New Hamp­shire Senate in 2004. During her three suc­cessful terms in office, she focused her leg­isla­tive efforts on expanding access to health­care, improving K–12 edu­ca­tion, cre­ating regional approaches to meet infra­struc­ture needs, and devel­oping the foun­da­tion for a green economy in the state.

Under her lead­er­ship, New Hamp­shire enacted uni­versal kinder­garten, increased the high school dropout age to 18 to address a rising dropout rate, and estab­lished alter­na­tive edu­ca­tion programs.

When the Great Reces­sion struck the state in 2008, she led the pas­sage of New Hamp­shire Working, a nation­ally rec­og­nized effort to aid busi­nesses and workers. That same year, she spon­sored New Hampshire’s par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Regional Green­house Gas Ini­tia­tive, cre­ated by states and provinces in the north­eastern United States and eastern Canada to reduce green­house gas emis­sions and sup­port the devel­op­ment of renew­able energy sources.

Gov. Hassan began her career in public ser­vice in 1999, when then-​​New Hamp­shire gov­ernor Jeanne Sha­heen appointed her to a state com­mis­sion studying the ade­quacy of edu­ca­tional resources for New Hampshire’s public edu­ca­tion system. Gov. Hassan’s invalu­able expe­ri­ence as an attorney and as the parent of a child with dis­abil­i­ties allowed her to bring a unique per­spec­tive to the commission’s work.

She began her law career at the law firm Palmer and Dodge before working as asso­ciate gen­eral counsel for Brigham and Women’s Hospital/​Partners Health­care of Boston. Gov. Hassan earned her Bach­elor of Arts from Brown University.