Weekly Webcrawl: Love is in the ‘sphere


Photo via Thinkstock.

The scl­o­gos­phere went nuts yes­terday with love-​​related sci­ence posts. Here are few that caught my eye:

And, while we’re on the sub­ject of animal sex, what is it about sci­ence blog­gers and penises? A few weeks ago it was squid and bar­na­cles, now these:

[I can’t think of an appro­priate tran­si­tion between penises and pol­i­tics so this par­en­thet­ical will have to suffice.]

Obama opened his SOTU on Monday with promises about keeping sci­ence going despite the ugly funding debate that’s cur­rently dom­i­nating most sci­en­tists’ minds. Here, Sci­en­ceIn­sider drills down on the President’s sci­ence facts and here New York Times blogger Andrew Revkin won­ders how hard it will be to turn his rhetoric into reality. Sci­en­tific Amer­ican breaks down the president’s first ever plan on cli­mate change, which was released last week. All of this has gotten the Key­stone pipeline debate surging. And if we don’t do some­thing soon, the gov­ern­ment risks severe finan­cial expo­sure from the effects of cli­mate change.

This all comes in the midst of the ongoing debate about sci­ence funding and everyone’s favorite word: seques­tra­tion. Con­tem­pla­tive Mam­moth had a great post on the catch 22 that is sci­ence funding but some pro­posed changes to the way research money is man­aged  look promising (don’t hold your breath).

Speaking of pol­i­tics, we can’t help it, our brains make us the crazy [liberals/​conservatives] we are (and actu­ally, I went to another AAAS ses­sion today on the sci­ence of pol­i­tics where one speaker had quite a bit to say about this sub­ject. Stay tuned!)

In case you’ve got nothing better to do over the long weekend, here are a few cit­izen sci­ence activ­i­ties to keep you busy:

A few things that I found fas­ci­nating but don’t fit into the above categories:

Oh,  and by the way, Knight should have never paid Johnah Leherer $20,000 to apol­o­gize for his mis­deeds. But they real­ized it a little too late.