This is what sequestration will look like

Sequestration, the manda­tory fed­eral budget cuts sched­uled to take effect on March 1, could have a dev­as­tating impact on all fed­eral research funding. It’s a big deal and it could mean big set­backs for sci­ence. (Check out this post for a primer.)If con­gress can’t come up with a fea­sible budget before the first, the cuts will have serious impli­ca­tions for researchers across the country, including many right here on our home turf.

For example, I recently learned that sci­en­tists oper­ating with grants from the Depart­ment of Defense could see their funds abruptly dis­ap­pear in a matter of days. Not only does this mean less money to spend on equip­ment, reagents, and per­sonnel, it could mean turning out the lights on a host of nation­ally impor­tant inves­ti­ga­tions, like those into autism, obe­sityrenew­able energy, cyber-​​security and cancer, to name a few.

As part of a larger effort by The Sci­ence Coali­tion and others, Northeastern pro­fessor Man­soor Amiji describes what seques­tra­tion would mean for his lab in the video below.

Cover photo by Ursula August.