As a mas­sive snow­storm blasted the region over the weekend, Facil­i­ties crews worked tire­lessly to clear snow from roads and path­ways and Dining Ser­vices staff served thou­sands of meals to stu­dents on campus.

Jack Malone, director of phys­ical plant ser­vices for North­eastern Facil­i­ties, said the Facil­i­ties snow-​​removal team worked in shifts around the clock throughout the weekend. He noted that amount and inten­sity of the snow proved chal­lenging, but crews kept pace with the storm and cleared snow from roads and path­ways all across campus. They returned overnight Sunday into Monday to remove snow from the Forsyth Street area.

Due to their efforts, the North­eastern campus is fully oper­a­tional and is open on Monday.

All in all, it was a spec­tac­ular effort by the snow team, including the stu­dents who worked with us,” said Malone, noting that early city and state snow emer­gency dec­la­ra­tions played a crit­ical role by keeping people off the streets so snow-​​removal teams could clear streets and path­ways on campus.

North­eastern stu­dents also pitched in, including many who reg­u­larly vol­un­teer, as well as others from intra­mural sports club teams. Meaghan Meech, a fifth-​​year stu­dent majoring in crim­inal jus­tice, said this was the worst storm she’s encoun­tered while working as a snow-​​removal team member throughout her time at North­eastern. She recalled one of the most chal­lenging moments was shov­eling snow at 3 a.m. while standing in snow­drifts up to her waist.

Meech said that the university’s snow-​​removal effort was very orga­nized, and even though the job was exhausting, she enjoys working with many of the same stu­dents and staff mem­bers storm after storm. “We have fun with it,” Meech said. “We’re just out there to help.”

Pres­i­dent Joseph E. Aoun praised the efforts. “A com­mu­nity is at its best when it comes together to keep its mem­bers safe,” he said. “This weekend’s his­toric bliz­zard proved just that—our fear­less staff and brave stu­dents bat­tled the ele­ments to make sure that our campus remained a safe and secure envi­ron­ment. I want to thank Jack Malone for his lead­er­ship and everyone who participated.”

As Facil­i­ties crews’ were hard at work keeping campus safe and pass­able, Malone noted that many stu­dents also took advan­tage of the whiteout. “I’ve never seen so many snow­people being made throughout campus,” he said. “There were also a lot of snow angels. Stu­dents were having a lot of fun with that.”

Check out the photo slideshow of campus during the snowstorm.

From left to right, Lauren Hop­kins, Rob DeSanti, Mau­reen McCaf­frey, Samantha Genardi, Liz Kadow play in the snow on Cen­ten­nial Common.

Northeastern’s Dining Ser­vices also worked throughout the bliz­zard to ensure stu­dents were well fed. About 40 staff mem­bers stayed in the city from Thursday through the weekend and pro­vided 5,500 meals on Friday and another 6,500 on Sat­urday at Inter­na­tional Vil­lage and Stetson East.

The Dining Ser­vices staff was incred­ible,” said Mau­reen Tim­mons, director of Dining Ser­vices. “They really showed their true com­mit­ment to the uni­ver­sity and its students.”

Updates on all storm-​​related devel­op­ments can be found on the emer­gency web­site.