Introducing: Science Around Town

Photo via Thinkstock.

Photo via Thinkstock.

If you’re an iNSo­lu­tion reg­ular, and I know there are at least a couple of you out there, you may have noticed a new item on the banner up there at the top of the screen. If not, take a look, I’ll wait. Did you find it? Tucked in the right hand corner you’ll see the word “events” and this is my newest con­tri­bu­tion to local iNSo­lu­tion readers.

Sci­ence Around Town,” as I’m calling it, will point you in the direc­tion of inter­esting events around the Boston metro area that I believe are worth your while. Although I won’t be at all of the events I post, I’ll try to attend at least a few and blog about them later.

Eastern Mass­a­chu­setts is a hotbed of sci­encey goings on, so this is a curated list of some of the high­lights. From Knight Sci­ence Jour­nalism Sem­i­nars to Sci­ence on Screen view­ings at The Coolidge Corner The­ater, the events will span a range of inter­ests and for­mats. Every now and then you may even notice a tip or two about events taking place in other cities, too.

So, take a peak and check out the cool stuff hap­pening in our ‘hood.