North­eastern Uni­ver­sity is the nation’s sixth most pop­ular higher edu­ca­tion des­ti­na­tion among inter­na­tional stu­dents from all over the world, according to the Insti­tute of Inter­na­tional Education’s annual Open Doors Report.

The census was released last month and was based on a 2011-​​12 aca­d­emic year stu­dent enroll­ment survey of approx­i­mately 3,000 accred­ited U.S. insti­tu­tions. The report’s data includes a tally of inter­na­tional stu­dents who have grad­u­ated within the last two years and still have a valid stu­dent visa.

Inter­na­tional stu­dent enroll­ment at North­eastern has increased dra­mat­i­cally over the last sev­eral years. More than 6,300 inter­na­tional stu­dents from more than 140 coun­tries world­wide are cur­rently enrolled, a figure that rep­re­sents a 15 per­cent increase from last year and a 165 per­cent increase from five years ago.

Inter­na­tional stu­dents are increas­ingly rec­og­nizing the rep­u­ta­tion and flex­i­bility of a North­eastern edu­ca­tion,” said Ronne Patrick Turner, the university’s asso­ciate vice pres­i­dent of enrollment.

She praised Northeastern’s inter­na­tional stu­dent body for bringing a global per­spec­tive to the class­room and campus com­mu­nity, saying, “We want to develop global cit­i­zens and create an exchange of ideas about the world.”

Shuntaro Okuzawa, a Tokyo native and fourth-​​year stu­dent in the Col­lege of Engi­neering, agreed with Turner’s assess­ment of the edu­ca­tional and social value of building a robust inter­na­tional stu­dent community.

Exchanging cul­tural and social beliefs, he explained, “cre­ates an oppor­tu­nity for U.S. and inter­na­tional stu­dents to learn more about each other and under­stand their differences.”

Shuntaro chose North­eastern for a chance to par­tic­i­pate in the university’s sig­na­ture expe­ri­en­tial edu­ca­tion pro­gram, which includes co-​​op, study abroad and Dia­logue of Civ­i­liza­tions pro­grams in 92 coun­tries around the world.

He noted that his co-​​op expe­ri­ence as a project man­ager for IBM’s branch in the Philip­pines has pre­pared him to suc­ceed in any working envi­ron­ment. “I really believe in the inte­gra­tion of class­room knowl­edge and real-​​world expe­ri­ence,” Shuntaro said. “Working within a large cor­po­ra­tion requires you to be assertive, plan ahead and com­mu­ni­cate effectively.”