Thin is in

Today, on the News@Northeastern, I have a story about a new paper recently released in Sci­en­tific Reports from Col­lege of Engi­neering pro­fessor Yung Joon Jung’s lab. The team has devel­oped a trans­parent, flex­ible super­ca­pac­itor. The unique energy storage device could enable the paper-​​thin tech­nolo­gies we expect to see in the future. Here are some videos of the device in action.

Here the team powers a small light while also demon­strating the device’s trans­parency:

This one shows how flex­ible the device is, wrap­ping it around a very thin glass tube:

And finally, this video demon­strates both the flex­i­bility and the trans­parency at once:

Cover photo by William Hook via Flickr.