New stu­dents: want to know where to eat, what classes to take, where to work on co-​​op? Here are a few helpful tips upper­classmen and others around the uni­ver­sity tweeted about all things Northeastern:

@NortheasternCOS: Don’t forget that COS Aca­d­emic Advi­sors have moved to the second floor of Mugar. #NUHusky101

@Pete_Petrin: #NUHusky101 Watch North­eastern State of Mind on Youtube — will teach you most every­thing you need to know: http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​n​h​l​6​o​-​p​d​N9I

@NortheasternRSA: #NUHusky101 Get involved on campus! Join your hall council, find a club you like, and check out #North­eastern Res­i­dent Stu­dent Association!

@NUStudentLife: #NUHusky101 Remember to hit up Out­takes each week to use your remaining meal swipes! It is located between Stetson East and Stetson West.

@chelly15: To all those living on campus: cherish being able to fit your entire life into one of those gray bins even if it takes 2 trips #NUHusky101

@KrisMatt: Wel­come Huskies! Enjoy what’s on campus, get to know your res hall/​RA, remember your keys & get off campus too! #NUHusky101 #NUalum #gonu

@Kelleychri: Do an intern­ship as early as you can. You will get a leg up during co-​​op place­ment and ahead of kids from other schools. #NUHusky101

@NUSGAPres: #NUHusky101: Down­load the North­eastern mobile app — great new fea­tures, including mobile tick­eting coming this fall (via @NortheasternSGA)!

@kzasada: @northeastern try every­thing: co-​​op, dia­logues, FSL, hall council. And stay 5 years if you can swing it– you won’t regret it! #NUHusky101

@missdaniwo: #NUHusky101 tips: think big! Inter­na­tional co-​​ops, dia­logues, study abroad in Asia, get involved– join clubs or start your own. No limit!

@NortheasternSGA: Our best #NUHusky101 tip? Let us know if you see any­thing around #North­eastern that should be improved!

@NUStudentLife: #NUHusky101 If you want to find out about events on campus, here are some of the best stu­dent groups to follow:http://​nus​tu​dentlife​.word​press​.com/​2​0​1​2​/​0​7​/​1​8​/​h​o​w​-​t​o​-​f​i​n​d​-​o​u​t​-​a​b​o​u​t​-​e​v​e​r​y​t​h​i​n​g​-​h​a​p​p​e​n​i​n​g​-​a​t​-​n​o​r​t​h​e​a​s​t​e​r​n​-​e​v​er/

@NUCircleK: If you’re inter­ested in com­mu­nity ser­vice, join Circle K! 😀 #NUHusky101

@NUIRC: Hey freshmen! Wel­come to #North­eastern! #NUHusky101: Rebecca’s Cafe has great sand­wiches. A per­fect snack on your way to #Mod­elUN. @NUDining