On a 2010 co-​​op with NBC News, Michele Richinick helped the net­work cover a broad range of sto­ries, including the earth­quake in Haiti, the nation’s ongoing eco­nomic woes and the melt­down of Tiger Woods’ marriage.

But when the six-​​month experiential-​​learning oppor­tu­nity ended, she remained on call, cov­ering guber­na­to­rial elec­tions from Rock­e­feller Center in the fall of 2010. Ear­lier this year, she helped NBC cover a Repub­lican debate from Con­cord, N.H., where her respon­si­bil­i­ties ranged from wran­gling cam­paigns to dri­ving the network’s pres­i­dent from the air­port to the debate.

Richinick, who grad­u­ated in May with a jour­nalism degree from the Col­lege of Arts, Media and Design, summed up her role thusly: “I was doing pretty much every­thing that might need to be done.”

The hard work paid off. Ear­lier this month, Richinick, who had been working as a part-​​time con­tent pro­ducer for Boston​.com, started working as a full-​​time pro­duc­tion coor­di­nator for NBC’s news spe­cials divi­sion. In her role, she will coor­di­nate cov­erage of the Repub­lican National Con­ven­tion, the pres­i­den­tial debates and the inauguration.

In par­tic­ular, Richinick will pre­pare the network’s cov­erage of the five-​​day RNC from Tampa, a two-​​week stint in August that will require the coor­di­na­tion of count­less details.

I’ve only been at work for two weeks but I’ll never look at a con­ven­tion or a debate the same way,” Richinick said. “There’s so much work that just goes into even the lit­tlest thing.”