If you have a smart­phone, you have a camera. And with Insta­gram — a photo-​​sharing appli­ca­tion recently pur­chased by Face­book for $1 bil­lion — any user can turn a cell phone snap­shot into a cre­ative image that somehow seems more than the sum of its parts.

Everyone has a phone in his pocket now, and you have this group of people who are really inter­ested in pho­tog­raphy and can take good pic­tures without the bar­rier of entry that comes with having to buy a D-​​SLR camera,” said Ali Ukani, a sopho­more com­puter sci­ence major at Northeastern.

Ukani cre­ated Husky­gram, a new web­site that cat­a­logs Insta­gram photos taken on campus, cre­ating a col­lage of square, retro pho­tographs that the app has become famous for. Like Tumblr and Pin­terest, the site allows users to view hun­dreds of photos by scrolling down one single web page.

Ukani was inspired to create Husky­gram while at a Cal­i­fornia air­port. He was waiting for a flight back to Boston after vis­iting his father in San Jose and found him­self bored and home­sick for Northeastern.

I started browsing through Insta­gram on my phone and I thought it would be great to be able to see all these photos of campus in one place,” Ukani said. “The ways people can cus­tomize their photos make them much more per­sonal — you can see some­thing you see every day in an entirely dif­ferent way.”

The photos cap­ture North­eastern from an insider’s per­spec­tive through a mix­ture of snap­shots of flowers, benches, flag­poles, grad­u­a­tion cer­e­monies and late-​​night study sessions.

The site’s algo­rithm is designed to auto­mat­i­cally search for pub­licly posted Insta­gram photos with the hashtag “#north­eastern” or that carry loca­tion data indi­cating that a photo was taken on or near campus.

Ukani said he is working with Instagram’s open code to create a way for the site to auto­mat­i­cally send him photos that meet the same cri­teria. This July, he’ll start a co-​​op job with Goldman Sachs here in Boston.