Ten seniors donned gar­dening gloves, wielded lop­pers and swung pick­axes under the Monday morning sun on Mis­sion Hill’s McLaughlin Woodlands.

The spring cleanup project, led by Paul Sutton of the Boston Parks and Recre­ation Depart­ment, was held during Senior Week as a com­mu­nity ser­vice day for soon-​​to-​​be graduates.

Ryan Van Dam, a mar­keting major from West­ford, Mass., used a pickaxe and pair of lop­pers to uproot thorny rose bushes, which have been known to grow tall enough to block sunlight.

There are thou­sands of roots growing every­where,” he declared. “We have to get under the roots and loosen them up.”

Van Dam enjoyed the labor-​​intensive work. “Why not give back?” he said, noting that he has painted murals for a South End ele­men­tary school as part of a com­mu­nity ser­vice project with Northeastern’s chapter of the Society of Col­le­giate Scholars. “We’re out­side on a nice day.”

Kayla DeVin­centis, a health sci­ence major who uprooted garlic mus­tard plants, agreed with her classmate.

We should give back to an area where we spent the last five years,” said DeVin­centis, a Ver­mont native. “Spending a couple of hours helping out is the least I could do.”

I have an affinity toward the area and it’s very impor­tant for us to give back,” added Chuck Berds, a phar­macy major and former pres­i­dent of Northeastern’s Res­i­dent Stu­dent Association.

He said he joined the Senior Class Advi­sory Board to build cama­raderie with his peers. “I wanted my final year to be all about having fun with my class,” he said.

Sutton praised the three-​​hour effort. “The stu­dents helped keep the area clean and attrac­tive and ready for the har­vesting of fruit,” he said, noting that the wood­lands are home to some 75 wild apple and pear trees.

There’s been a big move­ment to sus­tain­able urban living,” he added. “That’s why we’re here.”