Why don’t we bike about it?

Okay, admit­tedly this is not a research post…but bear with me.

We pride our­selves on being sus­tain­able here at North­eastern. But are we putting our money where our mouth is…so to speak? I know there are prob­ably a mil­lion things I per­son­ally could be doing better — I’m a paper fiend, for instance. I recycle as much as I can, but reducing would prob­ably be the better of the three Rs at this point.

As I said in my last post, I did go way out of my com­fort zone this week by biking to work for the first time…ever. I am not a biker. I start sweating when people say it’s easy because “it’s just like riding a bike!” But I did it and it turned out not to be the worst thing in the whole world.

Well, my new found lack of cycle­phobia* is just in time: the second half of May is Bay State Bike Week. North­eastern has a team in the Mass Com­mutes Bicycle Chal­lenge, which is tal­lying all the miles that indi­vid­uals and local insti­tu­tions rack up during bike week. I reg­is­tered my measly 2.5 mile com­mute, bringing Northeastern’s pledged miles to a whop­ping 30. Com­pare that to BU or MIT and you’ll be sorely dis­ap­pointed, my friends.

So, let’s put North­eastern on the map as a truly sus­tain­able campus, com­mitted to giving this planet a longer life­time not just through our research ini­tia­tives but also through our daily practices.

Biking is only one option. Check out HEAT and the Sus­tain­ability page for more info about how North­eastern really is working toward a cleaner world and how you can get involved.

* This is not to say that I’m a super cycler now or anything…and please, follow the rules of the road and be safe.

Photo: Flow­erego, “The last morning in Boston” October 13, 2010 via Flickr. Cre­ative Com­mons attribution.