Sopho­more Zoe Chen explores the Art+Design Stu­dent Show in Gallery 360. Photo by Dominick Reuter.

When senior Dexter Fer­guson looks at the empty lot in Boston’s Down­town Crossing dis­trict where the iconic Filenes building once stood, he sees a gigantic hole in the heart of the city. This reac­tion inspired the graphic-​​design major to create a series of blue posters that each high­light a dif­ferent example of what the city means to its res­i­dents, using words like “home,” trans­porta­tion” and “edu­ca­tion.” But each poster fea­tures a hole in the center.

Last semester, Fer­guson and his fellow class­mates in an environmental-​​design course cre­ated their own projects to bring atten­tion to the site and create a dia­logue about it. When the class vis­ited Down­town Crossing in November, Fer­guson dis­played his posters on a nearby vacant storefront’s windows.

I was just trying to say what Boston means to everyone here — our home, our heart, our trans­porta­tion. The holes rep­re­sent a simple mes­sage to drive the point home,” Fer­guson said.

The poster series is cur­rently on dis­play at Northeastern’s Gallery 360 as part of the Art+Design Stu­dent Show, an annual show­case of stu­dents’ work from the past aca­d­emic year in the numerous fields, including  graphic and web-​​based design, sculp­tures, paint­ings, com­puter ani­ma­tion, videog­raphy and pho­tog­raphy. Orga­nizers say the show exem­pli­fies how the North­eastern stu­dents engage with their future pro­fes­sions and the world at large.

The show runs through April 15. The 86 pieces on dis­play include a dig­ital print called “Find Your Per­fect Cheese” that presents infor­ma­tion in a clever chart form using topics such as region, tex­ture and taste; a white violin made with Bristol board; and a visu­ally stun­ning series of images that show bot­tles crashing to the ground.

Senior John Daigneault was among the stu­dents dis­playing new type­faces they cre­ated in class. A com­puter in the gallery allows vis­i­tors to test out Daigneault’s type­face, which he says is a slab serif that has a modern feel and thinner char­ac­ters with more open space between them. He hopes to soon offer the type­face online for free downloading.

That’s really an expanding industry in web design right now,” said Daigneault, who also cre­ated the Art+Design Stu­dent Show’s poster, fea­turing an iPhone dis­playing the dates of the show as well as the opening recep­tion last Thursday.

Graphic-​​design lec­turer John Kane said the work high­lights North­eastern stu­dents’ com­mit­ment to the dis­ci­pline and pro­fes­sions in the arts.

These stu­dents are remark­ably tal­ented, and what makes this show unique is that these stu­dents are so con­nected to the real world,” Kane said. “Their work is about both their per­sonal and pro­fes­sional lives.”

Gallery 360, open year-​​round, dis­plays col­lec­tions and unique works by North­eastern stu­dents, fac­ulty and staff, as well as noted artists from around the globe.