Where are Bostonians moving?

Just had a chat with a net­work sci­ence dude and he told me about this cool web­site where you can visu­alize where people are moving to and from. It was cre­ated for Forbes mag­a­zine in 2008 around the begin­ning of the reces­sion to give people a sense of the migra­tion impli­ca­tions of the changing eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion. It was updated in 2011.

You can click on any county in the US and it will draw blue lines for people moving to that area and orange lines for people moving out. Thicker lines rep­re­sent more people.

Turns out people are moving to Seattle in droves and fleeing LA as fast as pos­sible. NYC is a mix and Boston, sadly enough, has more orange lines than blue. Prob­ably from all you stu­dents bringing your bril­liance else­where after graduation.

Anyway, this is an example of data that net­work sci­en­tists can use to start under­standing the impli­ca­tions of move­ment around the planet for the pur­pose of pre­dicting things like the spread of dis­ease and ideas.