Steve Langton, BA’06, (left) and his team­mate Steven Hol­comb cel­e­brated last month after they became the first U.S. two-​​man bob­sled team to win at the World Cham­pi­onships. Photo by Pat Hendrick.

North­eastern alumnus Steve Langton described his first bob­sled race in 2007 on a track in Lake Placid, N.Y., like many other first-​​timers might: fast, jerky and uncom­fort­able. Five years later, Langton and his U.S. team­mates raced down that same track and into the his­tory books.

Last month, Langton, BA’06, and team­mate Steven Hol­comb claimed the country’s first two-​​man bob­sled World Cham­pi­onship. The duo fol­lowed the prize-​​winning per­for­mance by being half of the team that won the four-​​man bob­sled race.

What we’ve accom­plished as a team over the last two weeks is pretty incred­ible,” Langton said.

His ath­letic journey began at North­eastern, where the former jumper and sprinter cap­tained the men’s track and field team.

Track and field head coach Sherman Hart coached Langton for five sea­sons. He mar­veled at the standout athlete’s rare com­bi­na­tion of strength, speed, agility and grace, and called him a humble team leader who rel­ished the oppor­tu­ni­ties to learn from his coaches.

Need­less to say, Hart wasn’t sur­prised by Langton’s World Cham­pi­onship wins. As he put it, “He’s accom­plished so much.”

After grad­u­ating from North­eastern, Langton kept in top phys­ical shape and con­tinued to search for an ath­letic outlet. “Being an ath­lete my whole life, I knew I had a lot more to give,” he said.

After being inspired by watching the 2006 Olympic Games, Langton attended a U.S. bob­sled recruit­ment camp in Lake Placid the fol­lowing year. He picked up the sport quickly, earning a spot on the World Cup cir­cuit in his first season as a com­pet­i­tive bob­sled racer. He was named the 2008 U.S. Rookie of the Year and emerged as a top push ath­lete in the sport.

Langton com­peted in the 2010 Olympic Games in Van­couver. His latest vic­to­ries, he said, will serve as extra moti­va­tion for upcoming events, including the 2014 Games. “This has been an ideal season,” he said. “It’s very encour­aging, and I think it’s going to moti­vate us to con­tinue per­forming at a high level.”