Sarah Moomaw is obsessed with Twitter, and she’s the first person who will tell you that.

I can be talking to my friends and get­ting news about the world, all in this con­stant stream of infor­ma­tion,” said Moomaw, a junior jour­nalism stu­dent in Northeastern’s Col­lege of Arts, Media and Design.

So it was fit­ting that Twitter was Moomaw’s entryway into an oppor­tu­nity for young jour­nal­ists to attend the 2011 Online News Asso­ci­a­tion (ONA) con­fer­ence, held last month at Boston’s Copley Mar­riott Hotel. She was part of a team of stu­dent reporters pro­viding in-​​depth, mul­ti­media cov­erage of the annual event through the Stu­dent News­room program.

The con­fer­ence was an awe­some expe­ri­ence,” Moomaw said. “The Stu­dent News­room was made up of col­lege jour­nal­ists from across the United States and there was this cul­ture of col­lab­o­ra­tion — everyone was really open to new ideas and worked together on everything.”

Moomaw worked on co-​​op for the Globe South sec­tion of The Boston Globe and is a colum­nist and staff writer for the Hunt­ington News. She is also a con­trib­utor to the North­eastern branch of the online news outlet Her­Campus and the social media chair for the North­eastern chapter of the Public Rela­tions Stu­dent Society of America.

At the ONA con­fer­ence, a team of 20 stu­dent jour­nal­ists was men­tored by a group of 12 vet­eran jour­nal­ists and col­lege pro­fes­sors. But they were ulti­mately respon­sible for the news cov­erage, from selecting sto­ries to cre­ating videos, photo gal­leries and inter­ac­tive web fea­tures and appli­ca­tions on social media.

We quickly got down to busi­ness,” Moomaw said. “We dived right in and started plan­ning the bud­gets — what we wanted to do, what sto­ries we wanted to cover.”

Moomaw reported on topics including the use of aug­mented reality in news web­sites and per­spec­tives from stu­dents who attended the con­fer­ence. She said her role as a working jour­nalist at the con­fer­ence made it easy for her to inter­view high-​​profile exec­u­tives from com­pa­nies including Face­book and Google.

It would’ve been great just to be able to go to the con­fer­ence, but it was such a great oppor­tu­nity to be a part of cov­ering every­thing that was hap­pening there,” Moomaw said.