Tim Love waits patiently for sales at high-​​end clothing stores, such as Louis Boston and Bar­neys New York.

But when prices drop, he doesn’t pur­chase fancy suits and sport coats. Instead, he pays to look good in casual wear, or, as he likes to put it, “socks, a shirt and a nice pair of pants.”

The self-​​proclaimed “most casu­ally dressed man in the room” was recently named one of The Boston Globe’s Top 25 Most Stylish Bosto­nians of 2011.

Love, an asso­ciate pro­fessor of archi­tec­ture in the Col­lege of Arts, Media and Design and the founding prin­cipal at the Boston design firm Utile, dresses down in the class­room and for client meet­ings. “I’m very careful not to be seen as the con­sul­tant in the blue blazer,” he says. “Some­times that works in my favor.”

On a brisk Monday after­noon on campus, Love is wearing a pair of blue cotton pants, a white dress shirt with a char­coal grid and a pair of gray suede boots from Louis. His “groovy” mes­senger bag by Fre­itag is made with recy­cled silver-​​toned truck tarps.

Does he tuck or un-​​tuck his dress shirts? “Two-​​thirds of the time I tuck,” he says. “Depends on the shirt.”

Love, who could not stand to part with his pair of black Vans, does not pledge alle­giance to a par­tic­ular brand or fashion designer. “I pay atten­tion to the quality of clothing when I am shop­ping,” he says. “I like more off-​​beat stuff and tend to shy away from big-​​name designers.”

His fashion sense reflects his archi­tec­tural sense, which he imparts to his students.

This fall, he and a group of more than a dozen grad­uate stu­dents are exploring some of Boston’s best multi-​​functional inte­rior spaces, such as the State Room at the top of 60 State St. In the spring, his stu­dents will design a series of “great rooms.”

Archi­tects are inter­ested in the quality of mate­rials and their con­struc­tion,” Love says, adding, “Many of them are under­stated in terms of their style of dress.”