In high school, Tommy Wang vol­un­teered in the sur­gical ward of a San Diego hos­pital, where he worked along­side nurses who took care of many patients, including his grand­mother while she was recov­ering from a pro­ce­dure.

The expe­ri­ence, he says, rein­forced his desire to pursue a career in health. “I saw how this type of work really can affect people I actu­ally know,” says Wang, who will enroll in the six-​​year Doctor of Phar­macy pro­gram in the Bouvé Col­lege of Health Sci­ences at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity this fall.

Wang, who can’t wait to do an inter­na­tional co-​​op in Asia, drew inspi­ra­tion from a video he saw at a recep­tion for admitted stu­dents, in which a North­eastern stu­dent talked about per­forming vac­ci­na­tions while on co-​​op in South Africa.

As he put it, “I really want to apply what I’ve been studying in the class­room.”

Wang’s human­i­tarian calling dates back to his high school days, when he served as pres­i­dent of his school’s Red Cross Club and vol­un­teered at a local branch of the orga­ni­za­tion as a health and safety intern. In the fall, he plans to join Northeastern’s Red Cross Club.

Music is also a big part of his life. The native of Canada, who has played clar­inet for the last eight years, once trav­eled to New York City with his high school wind sym­phony to per­form at Carnegie Hall.

Years of prac­tice, he says, had finally paid off. “I saw that if you put in the work and time, you can accom­plish some­thing great.”