Mar­garet Cook, LA’64, returned to campus on Tuesday with King, her Siberian Husky who has dou­bled as the University’s mascot for the last seven years.

The duo reg­u­larly attends campus events during Wel­come Week and throughout the year. Today, Cook and her furry com­panion will be on hand at the President’s Con­vo­ca­tion and the ensuing bar­becue in Cabot Cage. Last weekend, they greeted stu­dents as they moved into the dorms.

Touring campus with King, Cook says, is her way of giving back to the North­eastern com­mu­nity. As she puts it, “It por­trays a spe­cial rela­tion­ship between the real live mascot with the Uni­ver­sity, and it means a lot to the new stu­dents.”

Cook gets a kick out of watching stu­dents’ faces light up upon seeing the husky, who, she says, reminds many of the freshman of their own pets back home.

“Around move-​​in there are a lot of smiles on stu­dents’ faces when they see the dog, which makes me very happy,” Cook says.

In 2005, as part of an effort to restore sev­eral of North­eastern tra­di­tions from years past, the University’s Office of Stu­dent Affairs con­tacted Cook about having one of her Siberian Huskies become the latest mascot. She was hon­ored by the request, and has since brought King — who was seven months old, at the time — to campus.

Cook’s fond­ness for Siberian Huskies began when she bonded with a colleague’s dog while teaching at Rock­land High School, her first teaching job after grad­u­ating from North­eastern. Since then, she has bred and cared for huskies of her own.

Over the years, Cook’s dogs have par­tic­i­pated in numerous Amer­ican Kennel Club (AKC) shows as well as sled dog races. In 1975, Cook started a recre­ational sled dog club on Mass­a­chu­setts’ South Shore and is cur­rently a proud member of the Yankee Siberian Husky Club.

“I have fin­ished more than 50 AKC show cham­pions in the United States and Canada, and I ran a com­pet­i­tive sled dog team for five years on the New Eng­land Sled Dog racing cir­cuit in the 1980s. A lot of my cham­pion show dogs have also attained sled dog degrees through the Siberian Husky Club of America,” Cook said.