Mem­bers of the North­eastern com­mu­nity gath­ered at 10 a.m. in the Cabral Center today to observe the 10th anniver­sary of 9/​11 and honor those who lost their lives in the ter­rorist attacks.

Spir­i­tual life director Shelli Jankowski-​​Smith led the com­mu­nity through the ser­vice, which was cospon­sored by the Office of the Pres­i­dent and the Office for Stu­dent Affairs. “This event will allow us to take stock of our lives in a very serious, reflec­tive way,” she said. “It will help us revisit where we have been and then ques­tion where we are and where we are going.”

The ser­vice fea­tured a reading of the names of the 12 North­eastern stu­dents and alumni who died in the attacks, including stu­dents Donald DiT­ullio, of Uni­ver­sity Col­lege (now the Col­lege of Pro­fes­sional Studies), and Can­dace Lee Williams, of the Col­lege of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion; and alumni Anna S. (Williams) Allison, MBA’81, David W. Bernard, BA’68, Jef­frey W. Coombs, UC’92, Peter A. Gay, E’69, Andrew Curry Green, MBA’98, Peter B. Hanson, AS’91, John C. Hen­wood, BA’89, Her­bert W. Homer, LA’76, Mark S. Jardim, BA’85 and Natalie Janis Lasden, UC’84, MBA’97.

A bell was rung in remem­brance of each life lost.

Reading the names of those directly impacted reminds us that real people died and real people suf­fered and con­tinue to suffer,” Jankowski-​​Smith said. “It takes the tragedy out of the the­o­ret­ical world and puts it into the prac­tical world.”

Fac­ulty, staff and stu­dents may also reflect on the ongoing impact of 9/​11 by attending a campus art exhibit, or by expressing them­selves through the power of the written or spoken word.

The Wit­ness Project,” a series of char­coal draw­ings that depict the mournful pres­ence and convey the hopeful resur­gence of Ground Zero, will be on dis­play in Gallery 360 until Sept. 13.

Robin Masi, the Massachusetts-​​based artist who cre­ated the exhibit, was moved by the duality of the site at which the Twin Towers once stood. “Each time I go to Ground Zero, I find a real sense of hope and spir­i­tu­ality that coun­ter­bal­ances what one would expect to see,” she said. “I‘m not just doc­u­menting the tragic aspect.”

Mem­bers of the North­eastern com­mu­nity are also encour­aged to write about the impact 9/​11 has had on their lives by pen­ning a mes­sage on a paper scroll.

The scroll, which will be hung on a wall in the Ell Hall con­course near Gallery 360, will be placed in the Uni­ver­sity Library archives on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

To mark the 10-​​year anniver­sary of 9/​11, author James Car­roll led an inter­faith dia­logue on the after­math of the attacks on Sat­urday at 9:30 a.m. in the Curry Stu­dent Center Ballroom.

The dis­cus­sion — cospon­sored by the Spir­i­tual Life Center and Sacred Threads, a Boston-​​based min­istry for women — will pre­cede a short cer­e­mony in the Sacred Space, Jankowski-​​Smith said.

Some may share their pain in memory of the attacks, or talk about the cur­rent polit­ical cli­mate as the rip­ples of 9/​11 played out over the past 10 years,” she said. “Ending in the Sacred Space with some kind of ritual is a way to con­nect after what might be a dif­fi­cult dialogue.”