Two years ago, Pre­ston Turk broke his iPhone shortly before leaving for a trip to Europe. Seeing no other option, he begrudg­ingly shelled out the money for a replacement.

But the incoming North­eastern freshman wasn’t happy about it. As he puts it, “I thought to myself, ‘This is ridicu­lous. I can do this.’”

Since then, Turk has devel­oped the tech-​​savvy to dis­mantle and reassemble his own iPhone — and help his friends repair their own dam­aged devices.

Turk’s iPhone inge­nuity is but one example of how puts his inven­tive curiosity and knack for tin­kering with gad­gets to good use.

In another instance, the Char­lotte, N.C., native recently teamed-​​up with his child­hood friend to build a go-​​cart. The pair assem­bled the alu­minum frame in August, and hope to install the dri­ve­train, wheels and steering and braking sys­tems over Thanks­giving break.

As a high school senior, Turk also dis­cov­ered a 1953 Leica IIIF — an old German camera — buried in the back of an art class­room. He received per­mis­sion from the school to restore it.

The expe­ri­ence, he says, boosted his interest in pho­tog­raphy and fos­tered a greater appre­ci­a­tion for the intri­cate design and the pre­ci­sion nec­es­sary to man­u­ally operate old cameras.

At North­eastern, Turk hopes to cul­ti­vate his artistic drive, interest in inven­tion — and bur­geoning busi­ness spirit — through the University’s entre­pre­neur­ship pro­gram in the Col­lege of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion.

His busi­ness savvy, he says, dates back to middle school, when an interest in how watches work spawned a repair busi­ness of sorts for class­mates who had dam­aged their timepieces.

I want to see some­thing that is not working, work again,” Turk says. “It’s about bringing things to life. I enjoy fig­uring out how things work.”

Small wonder he plans to pursue a co-​​op with a large global com­pany in the smart­phone industry. “I’m def­i­nitely looking for­ward to co-​​op,” he says.